The Projector by Gagne Porta-Trace

Back by popular demand…simple, functional, re-engineered…opaque projector for any artist

The Projector is a great all-purpose opaque projector large enough for most mural projects but small enough to be easily transported and stored.

Key Features and Product Information

    • 5” x 5” Bottom loading design is easy to use with no instruction necessary
    • Overall dimensions – 13 ½” Long x 5 ½” wide x 9” tall (not including Lens)
    • Net weight: 3 pounds
    • Standard 6’ cord
    • 200mm precision optical lens
    • Up to 10x enlargement
    • Light but durable plastic housing
    • Built-in handle for portability
    • Larger cavity than other model generates lower temperatures

Perfect for:

    • Murals

    • Crafts
    • Fine art
    • T-shirts
    • Signs
    • Airbrushing
    • Drawings
    • Posters

The Projector can be ordered on our store:

The Projector by Porta-Trace