Gagne offers precision laser cut and etched
LED Light Guides & Light Panels…Made in USA

Leverage our deep understanding of lighting, light boxes, and LED technology to custom build light guides and light panels to fit your need.

Gagne is one of the few companies in America that can economically design and manufacture light guides, assemble light assemblies (LGPs), customize light guides in quantities required and within your budget.

Gagne Light Guides

Gagne Light Guides range in size from tiny 2×2” up to 48×96” and typically 1/4”- 3/8” width based on application. Light guides are made of the highest quality acrylic/PMMA material available. We build to your exact specification based on your space or application. Our engineers have decades of experience designing to your needs. Light guides can be cut in squares, rectangles, shapes, letters, or other design you desire. Gagne will design your light guide etch or you can provide specific etch requirements based on your application. Gagne light guides can be easily incorporated as a component in your finished good or end user application. We manufacture and market both the light guide/LGP itself up through LED lighting and Light Panel/Box assembly.

Light Panels

Light panels in our terminology imply an extruded aluminum frame with LED edgelit lighting incorporated into the design for rigidity and durability based on the application. Light panels are typically in rectangle or square.

At Gagne, we pride ourselves on a highly competitive price even in comparison with imported goods. You will enjoy high quality and customer service available. You will save dramatically on freight, avoid large minimums, receive product quickly, and easily communicate with our sales engineers.