Boots, Bellows, Waycovers, Air Bladders, Liquid Reservoirs, Flexible Connectors

We also have an Online Specification Page for quote requests. Please also feel free to contact us by phone if you are in need of any assistance. Whichever style bellows you choose, you can be sure it will be of the highest made quality. We look forward to serving your requirements!

Our Heat Sealed (or RF) method completely seals out moisture and dust. These bellows are constructed of a specially formulated high quality polyurethane known for its flexibility, abrasion and tear resistance, and very long cycle life. (See material specification data comparison chart). Generally speaking, these are the most economical.

Additionally, Gagne offers sewn bellows. This manufacturing process allows for the use of several different materials whose characteristics may be better suited for your particular application. Some examples of this are high heat resistance applications where acid content is high or where other agents may be present requiring special resistance characteristics. This allows for the use of thicker materials for heavier duty applications.

We will design and deliver the highest quality, whichever material and manufacturing process is chosen. All of these products are made in the U.S.A.

Bellows are used in a wide range of varied applications where the need to exclude dust, dirt, moisture, chips and other environmental contaminants exist. They are used to protect machine operators from pinch points and other dangers. They are also used extensively for aesthetic purposes, covering moving and stationary components.

Typical applications for Gagne bellows would include: Cylinder Rods, Linear Ways, Expansion Joints, Traverse Screws, Guide Rods, Air Bladders and Liquid Reservoirs.

Please call our Application Dept. to discuss your requirements. We will help you design your protective cover, recommend the material and manufacturing process that will offer the greatest protection, the longest cycle life, and the most economical cost for your application.

Gagne Tooling

Thousands of ID and OD combinations in round, square and rectangular shapes can be made using standard Gagne tooling. Non-standard sizes and shapes can be supplied for nominal costs. We custom manufacture to your specifications.

Benefits of Gagne
  • Prompt Quote Turnaround
  • Knowledgeable Application Assistance
  • Made to Your Specification
  • Extensive In-House Tooling
  • Only the Highest Quality Materials Used
  • Increases Life of Rods and Ways
  • Increases Performance and Life of lead screws
  • Prevent Expensive Down Time
  • Many Options and Accessories (see chart)
  • Very High Quality Customer Service
  • Economical
  • Made in the U.S.A.