Boots, Bellows, Waycovers, Air Bladders, Liquid Reservoirs, Flexible Connectors

Gagne manufactures a variety of customer-engineered, specialty bellows. These applications vary greatly and allow for the use of a variety of processes, including RF welding, sewing, metal fabrication, etc.

Applications would include scientific, industrial, and commercial applications. Because of the requirement that these be completely sealed, they are manufactured using the die cut and heat sealed process.

Please send your drawing to our application department to begin application discussions. We will work closely with you from the design phase right through to manufacture and delivery.

Flange Plates

Gagne can custom manufacture Flange Plates to your specification in a variety of material thickness in Aluminum, Steel, PVC and Stainless Steel. Contact our applications department for details.

Hose Clamps and Tie Straps

Gagne stocks a wide range of Stainless Hose Clamps and Nylon Tie Straps. Our application engineers will assist you in selecting what method of attachment will best serve your application.

Whichever style bellows you choose, you can be sure it will be of the highest quality. We look forward to serving your requirements.