Gagne Bellows – Lifting Equipment Partnership

Gagne, Inc. prides itself on producing quality bellows that are incredibly versatile and can be used in a wide variety of industries and applications. This flexibility allows for the development of longstanding partnerships with both local and global companies across various industries.

Since the 1970’s Gagne has had the opportunity to partner with one of the largest manufacturers of lifting equipment in the USA and the leading designer and manufacturer of access equipment in the world. The Gagne team has had the pleasure of working with generations of their customer staff.

Manufacturers of access equipment need to be able to deliver powerful and versatile equipment as well as unparalleled training and customer service. Lifting equipment companies aspire to serve as a true partner to their customer’s success by enabling performance, boosting productivity, ensuring uptime, and supporting forward progress.

In order to enhance this connection between the lifting equipment company and their customers’ satisfaction, Gagne provides hundreds of unique customer specified bellows with a great price, incredible lead time and service to match their demand. Through this partnership, Gagne products are primarily used for their hazardous equipment and rough terrain models. The bellows provided help to prevent damage and wear to the cylinders and provide the finishing aesthetics to the equipment.

To enhance the capabilities and longevity of the access equipment, Gagne provides both heat sealed and sewn bellows depending on the needs of the equipment. These bellows are offered with or without zippers, allowing for bellows to be applied either at the time of production or after the lifting equipment has been manufactured. Gagne’s bellows are extremely durable and can guarantee high performance for thousands of cycles.

Customers of Gagne’s lifting equipment manufacturing partner can be assured that their investment will give them a long lasting competitive advantage. As with all of Gagne’s partnerships, significant emphasis is placed on supreme customer service and quick turnaround time. Gagne has the flexibility, experience and tools needed to be able to meet any client’s specifications in order to produce the best product for their customers’ needs.

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