Gagne Bellows – Waterjet Technology Partnership

Gagne, Inc. prides itself on producing quality bellows that are incredibly versatile and can be used in a wide variety of industries and applications. This flexibility allows for the development of longstanding partnerships with both local and global companies across various industries. One such company that Gagne has had the opportunity to partner with for over 20 years is one of the most influential leaders in abrasive waterjet technology.

Waterjet technology is arguably the fastest growing manufacturing technology in the world as it maximizes production capabilities for a wide variety of industries through its reliable, versatile, and easy-to-operate systems. Waterjets utilize high pressure streams of water and abrasives in order to cut just about any stock material including tool steel, titanium, stone and glass.

In order to enhance the capabilities and longevity of these waterjet machines, Gagne provides large diameter sealed bellows which are applied to the XYZ Axis system. This motion system allows for travel in the machine’s nozzle head, enhancing accuracy and precision along the cutting path. Gagne’s custom waterjet bellows allow for the necessary expansion and contraction during this process while also protecting the machinery by keeping contaminants out of the system.

In addition to adding to the overall functionality of these machine systems, Gagne bellows also provide the finishing aesthetics to the equipment. These products are extremely durable and can guarantee high performance for thousands of cycles. Customers of Gagne’s waterjet technology partner can be assured that their investment in this technology will give them a long lasting competitive advantage.

Gagne continues to provide and adapt these products in order to meet the needs and advances of the waterjet industry. As with all of Gagne’s partnerships, significant emphasis is placed on supreme customer service and quick turnaround time. Gagne has the flexibility, experience and tools needed to be able to meet any client’s specifications in order to produce the best product for their customers’ needs.

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